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Jorden Belanic
Great information but I had to watch this at 1.5x speed
Comment from : Jorden Belanic

Gianluca Maneli
Love the vid! Hopefully catch you on the road 🤟 seasons almost over 😭
Comment from : Gianluca Maneli

Alex Jose
Thanks for the video .. am from india and was so confused about all these stuff ..
Comment from : Alex Jose

Yeah if you want to not get killed with insurance prices. Stay away from the super sports bike category. If you want a sports bike 500cc and under is great. Also what might same some $$ on insurance is if your currently insured with other vehicles already and you add a motorcycle to your current policy they you should be able to get a discount just for having multiple vehicles insured under the same policy.
Power Sports Honda on Hensal ( Dundas and Cawthra ) area has multiple brands of bikes for sale used. Great selection if you want to stroll in and wonder around and look at various options.

Comment from : raztechstudios

love these videos Melody! Would love to hear your perspective on different schools and your experience with Motoursoul
Comment from : bilguis100

Jeff C.S
Insurance for motorcycle in Toronto, Ontario has gotten worst and worst over the years especially for supersports bike. Age does not play as big of a factor as your years of riding. For example, someone who got their M2 in their early 20s and has been riding for >3 years will pay less than someone in their 30s and riding <3 years. Also, deductible also hardly plays a difference in premium. I was quoted a differences of only about $40 in savings for the year whether I went with a $1K to a $500 deductible. As for M2 license considering getting a supersports bike, you can forget it. Insurance company will be likely asking for >$5K/yr or not insure you at all. As commonly mentioned, during your M2 license, ride a bike you only plan on keeping until you have your full M license. Once you have your M license and have been insured continuously for at least two straight years, you will then see a slight reduction in insurance rate on year 3 and so forth. But then again, assuming you're going to buy a faster and more powerful bike, insurance rate will go up yet again.
Comment from : Jeff C.S

frede amorph
Good presentation of the topic. 👍
Comment from : frede amorph

K Pinckney
Great vlog. Will you do one on your gear?
Comment from : K Pinckney

Good video!
Comment from : DanDanTheFireman

Interesting! ✌️

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