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Richard Bielut
damn son, that beard is really coming along...
Comment from : Richard Bielut

Man, you guys are awesome. Thanks for the tips. Good to know I didn't miss anything when I went to the dealership last Saturday.
Comment from : Ron

Collin Betten
That's convenient af I live near boyertown where this dealership is haha what are the chances
Comment from : Collin Betten

Luis H
Thank you, this has been super helpful.
Comment from : Luis H

Thomas H.
Haha, I have that XJ 600 51j that they put on the wall, out back in my yard, not really working ;)
Comment from : Thomas H.

ivy Stanage
I’m getting rid of my bmw buying a vw suv & an R3 .. my insurance is 530 a month, I hate being 20.
Comment from : ivy Stanage

Just picked up my first bike from a dealer, paid it off in full. (I have credit building else where currently) I ended up getting the Special Edition 2019 Kawasaki Ninja with 2k miles on it. Has a two brothers exhaust on it already and walked out the door with it for 4.8k after tax, title transfer, dealer warranty (as well as factory) and vehicle registration. Feel like i got a pretty good deal on it for the bike and everything included.
Comment from : Frosty

Carlos Morteo
Even though I'm not from the US I found many of these tips pretty useful and informative. I'll definitely write them down when I go buying my first bike!
Comment from : Carlos Morteo

moises rocha
Comment from : moises rocha

If the bikes is on the lot, do you have to pay a destination fee even tho its already there?
Comment from : DailYxDosE

Michael Jones
Would you not test ride the bike?
Comment from : Michael Jones

Robert Sparkes
Cars, Trucks or Bikes... the best deals are done on line.
You remain in control and can walk away from the deal at any time, due to high pressure or poor attitudes. As far as getting comfortable on a bike, you do that ahead of time. Remember you need time to process information and dealers hate it when you 🤔 think. Doing it on line opens the door to pause and evaluate everything before being pressured into a purchase. A word about “fees”.... Fee’s are added on to cover the discounts you get. If you grind a dealer down on the price, you’ll always pay the fees. If you pay the retail price you’re in a good position to avoid fees. Remember if a bike is 10k and has a 20% margin, it cost the deal 8k. If you get him to take of 15%, he’s making 500 bucks, which on a current year bike isn’t enough margin to remain profitable, hence they add fees. Know ahead of time what the fees are before grinding him down, leave enough for him to stay in business without fees. Some states require fees to be charged to everyone, if you charge them... In that case make sure you grind a deal low enough to cover the fees, without going over retail.
Finally, on line have the paper work eMailed to you so you can take the time to review all details. Doing all the paperwork online leaves you in charge, as that’s a good thing.

Comment from : Robert Sparkes

I all way pay cash or layaway that it because have No credit!
Comment from : ROY WALLS

Aaron Wilkins
This video is a joke he literally didn’t go over any dealership fees how to know if your bike is has a negotiable price or by how much any moron with good credit and a few hundred bucks can go into a dealership and walk out with a bike it’s what dealerships do
Comment from : Aaron Wilkins

Ray Kehr
I bought a brand new bike once and paid it all in cash and I will never do it again.
Comment from : Ray Kehr

So What does ride away mean? If I go in with the cash should I expect some thing extra I need to pay?
Comment from : Mac

James Polucha
Did you put a down payment or did you finance the whole price?
Comment from : James Polucha

Branton Hudson
That's the most easy going, non aggressive sales guy in the world. Usually can't get them to leave me alone while I look over the models. This guy only did what he was asked to do lol
Comment from : Branton Hudson

Thomas Kleffel
Old video, but im gonna say it out right. If the dealer refuses you a test ride, even if you show financing, leave.
Comment from : Thomas Kleffel

Protector K9
Discuss the out the door price always and negotiate from there. Years ago I bout bike that was new but 6 years older model gs500. For 3500 but out the door was close to 5000.
Comment from : Protector K9

Ryan Wong
12:40 That's a nice twsbi Revzilla :)
Comment from : Ryan Wong

Christopher Pate
I sold motorcycles from 1998—2008. This is how it works.... Most Japanese motorcycles have a 17% margin in them. If the msrp is $10k their "cost" is roughly $8.3k from the factory. The dealers get money back from the manufacturers on leftover models (rebates). They also get something called "hold back" which is usually 2-3% (much more on something like a gold wing) . This money is to cover the dealers cost of flooring their inventory. "Flooring" is the interest they pay to finance their inventory until its sold to the customer. Freight is a real cost as well as assembly. The trucker and the mechanic are real people and get paid. Freight is usually no more than a few hundred dollars and most dealers service department charges the sales department a couple hundred dollars (1.5-2.5 hrs of labor) to assemble and inspect the bike. Of course there is a small amount of profit built into these two costs but the sales department get charged the same regardless of what the customer pays. Sales guys..... Most are paid commission only based on gross profit with no hourly pay. Typically the sales guys are paid 20% on profit under $1k and 25% of profit over $1k. This has nothing to do with the total price paid. If you sold a $25k cruiser for $500 over cost, you'd get a $100 commission. If you sold a $4k used bike the dealer paid $2k for, you'd get a $500 commission....

Financing.....There are two interest rates....the dealers "buy rate" and the "sell rate". The "buy rate" is usually a couple points lower than the sell rate. The financing person gets paid a commission on the difference between the two rates......warrantys and gap insurance have REDICULOUS mark up margins. It's not uncommon for them to make more on the warranty than the bike itself.... Seriously. Now they hide the shock of the warranty price by dipping into the interest rate margin they made. I'm sure you've heard the line "if you opt for the warranty I Gan get you a better interest rate".... Of course the rules on financing vary from state to state, but I would ALWAYS recommend you secure your own financing outside the dealer and negotiate a "cash out the door price" and then use the check from your bank to pay. Oh.... And tax and license is what it is depending on your state and there is no hidden profit in either of these. The dealer could loose their sales license and face jail time if they padded either of these.... They won't risk it....... One last thing, "down payment" is not profit!..... It only means you don't have the credit for 100% (zero down) financing. This is a common misconception. If the out the door price is $10k and they ask for $2k down.... You're only financing $8k....

Comment from : Christopher Pate

How is the BBQ
Comment from : Geno

BNR ith
First u need money dude. The rest will be easy
Comment from : BNR ith

Ajen Jerang
I saw you past video you guys are grate we get all information we wants to know about bikes, but want to say something different you may feel akward
We asian understand simple English only and the way you speaks is to much fast to hear if possible leave subtitles down.

Comment from : Ajen Jerang

Arthur Feitosa
I encourage to buy as much as you can cash! If you don't have the extra money to buy it why finance it? Till this day I regret getting credit cards, I promise I wont spend any more money on "wants" until I pay off my ~13k in credit card debit, and my first home? Prob very cheap and if I can't find one I can pay in full I'll get the very next thing with the shortest financing possible.
Comment from : Arthur Feitosa

Dimitry Dimitry
Why does he keep mentioning abs what's so important about having that on a bike...I know absolutely nothing about bikes do I'm legitimately asking to learn something
Comment from : Dimitry Dimitry

Nicky P
I would of got a motorcycle by now but all my local motorcycle deals are ass holes
Comment from : Nicky P

Frank Nash
About minute 3:00. Buy using a secured loan. In the end you get a pink slip and your money back!
Comment from : Frank Nash

These are great quality videos
Comment from : ChilliJonCarne

I am looking to get into the street bike scene, I have a YZ 125 Dirt bike so I'm not completely new to bikes, but obviously riding on the roads is very different. I am willing to spend 3-4 grand on a preferably used bike and suggestions to a good intermediate bike would help. Thanks for taking the time to read and or reply to my comment!
Comment from : Agua

Asyraf Mansor
For some reason he look like keanu reeves
Comment from : Asyraf Mansor

what a great video, thanks!
Comment from : Jarhead6

Vana Vana
Do dealers offer insurance when I purchase the bike from them?
Comment from : Vana Vana

Lucino Pliego
What bike is that @ 6:46 on the right? Some one please let me know!!!
Comment from : Lucino Pliego

blackflag nation
Cringey script with the sales guy
Comment from : blackflag nation

La Sombra Del LoBo

Buy privately only, fuck dealerships.

Comment from : La Sombra Del LoBo

Cole Bruce
Hey man, what jacket are you wearing in the end?
Comment from : Cole Bruce

Ticky Tocky
I will never buy any bike without test ride, honda, Kawasaki and yamaha have lost a lot of money because of that.
Comment from : Ticky Tocky

Chris Lynd
OK kids..........All financing (mortgage, car, motorcycle, credit cards) is just legal loan sharking and you end up paying way more when it’s all said and done. Unless it’s a necessity or an emergency, grind it out, save your money, and pay cash for everything you can. It’s very fulfilling to know something is 100% yours. That being said still a very informative video. 👍
Comment from : Chris Lynd

Scott Vernum
Don’t get GAP or finance gear with the loan!
Comment from : Scott Vernum

patto allen
Yer but was the 1 out the back the same colour?
Comment from : patto allen

I've been to a couple dealerships that wanted to do a credit check on me even though I was paying cash. That pissed me off. Getting a credit check causes your credit to drop (for reasons I don't understand.) I can pull up Credit Karma.com on-line and show them my credit scores, which cost nothing and doesn't ding my credit. I haven't found any places that are ok with checking credit that way.
Comment from : Dave7777

Comment from : Ross

Dante Ramirez-Vazquez
Can you make a video how to stop on a stoplight
Comment from : Dante Ramirez-Vazquez

Bernie Gutierrez
I know this is an old video, but can I buy a motorcycle from another state?
Comment from : Bernie Gutierrez

this video is pure unaltered BS.
Comment from : elchaconaso

Roy Rosales
Hands down some of the best production videos on YouTube I’ve ever seen.
Comment from : Roy Rosales

Sonic Magnus
great info

and that tee shirt is🍌

Comment from : Sonic Magnus

Vicente Senor
Any advice on avoiding how to not crush my balls while sitting on a bike
Comment from : Vicente Senor

That will do Spurge, that will do.
Comment from : Justdad

George Crichlow
You guys do a great job of explaining the in’s and outs of riding. Great content!
Comment from : George Crichlow

Definently does not work like that at a Harley-Davidson dealership ha ha! Most pressure filled ridiculous experience I ever had buying a new bike.
Comment from : ultralite85

TheNumberOne Page
You should always buy from the cheapest dealership. Any dealership will service your bike whether you bought from them or not. Regardless, it doesn't make a lot of sense to get your bike serviced at a dealership since their labor costs are outrageous.

You shouldn't share the financing information from the bank with the dealership except as a last resort. Ask for a rate that is significantly better and then negotiate from there. Only if they won't beat the bank rate should you make it clear what you can get from the bank.

Comment from : TheNumberOne Page

Tony Rivera
Thank you!
Comment from : Tony Rivera

Glenn Blakney
This is an excellent video! Complete and thorough, it's just what a new motorcyclist needs before they actually go through the process! Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to the other vids!
Comment from : Glenn Blakney

John Burton
The advice at 3:00 about younger riders’ financing a motorcycle, purportedly to establish credit for later purchases, is baloney!!!!!!! First, the same riders who say that crap, STILL finance their bikes long after they’ve reached the age of having established credit. Second, we all know those riders would be MUCH less likely to make this B.S. argument if they had the cash in hand. And third, it is very easy to establish credit without taking on a big chunk of debt. I’ve got a great credit score and I’ve never borrowed a dime. I just pay my rent and electric on time, and use direct deposit. Who knew.

Right after that, he recommends that a rider check with their bank or credit union before walking into the dealership, to make sure they know how much bike they can afford. Which, of course, gives away the game completely. If you’re only financing your bike to build credit, and NOT to buy more bike than you could pay cash for, then what would your bank’s maximum number have to do with what you were willing to spend?


Comment from : John Burton

Gary Walker
Martin's hope you pop in and make a few more videos like that.
Comment from : Gary Walker

Nathan Shoenthal
What insurance do you use??????
Comment from : Nathan Shoenthal

Jiminy Cricket
This clown is a hack,scripted video, Harley nice bikes, Eaglemark bank, the ultimate payday lender,its simple if they don't get you on the price up front, you will pay on the back, aka interest rate, don't be fooled,the more you want the bike the more you will be willing to pay, more crooked than car dealers.
Comment from : Jiminy Cricket

Aniruddh Padmanaban
What model is the red bike @1:15
Comment from : Aniruddh Padmanaban

Colin Leddy
The dealership won't always get you a better rate. I was assured by the lady in finance that she could get me the best rate for financing through the dealership, as they are the "movers and sellers" in the ATV/Motorcycle industry and banks will always give them lower rates. Blah blah blah. I still decided to have due diligence and check with my bank - my bank was able to get me a better interest rate, which also included life insurance in the policy, for $20 a month LESS than the dealership was offering to me. If you have a good relationship with your bank I suggest them as the first option.
Comment from : Colin Leddy

Phil Block
Funny as this is the dealership I'm stopping at on Monday to look at some triumphs
Comment from : Phil Block

Ben Crow
looks like Keanu Reeves older brother
Comment from : Ben Crow

These are great videos! I have over 30 years of experience, 15 of which was as a motor officer. You guys do a great job with these videos.
Comment from : motorcop505

The last two dealerships i dealt with sabotaged both of my bikes. The first dealership removed the oil filter on a brand new Ninja 250. The only way i found that out was when i got bored with it and traded it in for a new 1995 Truimph Trident 900cc. The triumph dealer found this out after the deal was made. I get home with the new Triumph and after a week or two i looked over the bike and found the drive chain was rock tight. I still have the bike today though at 20,00 miles. I dont think i will ever go to another dealership; they ruined that experience for me.
Comment from : buddy1065

If you have cash on hand is it good idea to negotiate price ?
Comment from : ECLIPSE SHADOW YT

Only bad thing I seen is why hand over how much you’re going to pay first before talking them down, I know they can’t come down a lot but you’re basically setting yourself up to pay that much when you could’ve gotten more off the price. When they see the number your banks offering they’re going to say “yeah I can’t do anything on the price sorry about that” and you’ll go along with it because you already have the money basically.
Comment from : MambaGaming

Neil Brown
simple answer don't unless it's New old stock that's been sitting for a minute and you get a great deal otherwise just by somebody else's bike plenty of people buy a new motorcycle and barely ride it and they end up selling it at a huge discount
Comment from : Neil Brown

Andrew Macias
How's Martin comparing to burt's maga mall ?? In California
Comment from : Andrew Macias

Lill SportyShorty
I just got my HD 2002 xl883c off cl for 3000.00 with just 11,000 miles. And I have full coverage ins for 300.00 a year.
Comment from : Lill SportyShorty

One of the most important and great videos from Revzilla...excellent job guys!!!
Comment from : Pablo

2minnesota 2m
At Minnesota theirs a motorcycle shop called "Honda Town" great place to get Honda's
Comment from : 2minnesota 2m

Jill Sandmire
Revzilla once again ignoring women. Cool.
Comment from : Jill Sandmire

adam leito
Minute 6:43 what model motorcycle are these????
Comment from : adam leito

48 seconds of boring didn't watch a second past Videos should be direct and to the point... The first couple couple seconds of a video is what grabs the attention of the viewer if I am not interested by the first minute then not interested on the other 14.
Comment from : WastedHoursProject

How to buy a new motorcycle from a dealership? Don't.
Comment from : nasto19nj

Donquixote Manji
My advice is to wait at the end of the month so they can get the last sales. Just nod no at the high down payment they’re asking till they go cheaper and sign off a done deal. That’s how I got mine.
Comment from : Donquixote Manji

V. N.
Step 1: go to dealer
Step 2: choose bike based on preference and moneys
Step 3: talk to sales person
Step 4: give money to sales person
Step 5:register bike
Step 6: get keys and ride away
Step 7: enjoy the bike
Step 8: drop the bike
Step 9:oopsie
Step 10: total ur bike in an accident and maybe die
Step 11: redo or stop biking

Comment from : V. N.

I like some of the insurance comments. I agree, you gotta shop around. I just purchased a new 2019 goldwing. I priced insurance through progressive... $6800 for 12 month premium... priced it through Geico $974 for 12 months. Better coverage too through Geico!
Comment from : Bmwryder

Comment from : MrSaemichlaus

Chris Edmondson
Only one problem S, that bike does not have ABS LOL
Comment from : Chris Edmondson

You didn’t talk about trade ins.
Comment from : xXGizmoXisXcoolXx

do i have to register a bike at the dealership? in canada?
Comment from : newscooler12316

EV3 Showcase
Do I have to have a dealership in my town to buy a bike? I really wanna get a Harley next year but there’s no HD dealership in Whitehorse so I’d have to get it sent up here from down south. Is that a problem?
Comment from : EV3 Showcase

So you think it’s a good idea to finance a bike that’s already old? DO NOT DO THIS PEOPLE! You will use your ass especially WHEN you go to sell it.
Comment from : Slingsomelead

I buy online i do not test bike or see fit me i research them on website if i like motorbike buy it!!
Comment from : ROY WALLS

Most lee paid on layaway because i have zero credit!
Comment from : ROY WALLS

Knife Noob
You forgot to pay 1000$ more than sticker price. This vid is laughable. No advise hear. You got paid to make this. Thx for nothing. Buyers beware of this vid. This is just a sales pitch.
Comment from : Knife Noob

Please do not finance accessories into your loan! Once you pay the interest on it, that exhaust you rolled into your financing, will cost you almost three times what it really costs when you add the interest!! Great video otherwise!
Comment from : RD G

Travis Clark
I agree about leftover models. I went with the prior year model ‘18 GSX-S750Z with TC and ABS. MSRP $8800 and It was marked down to $6900 plus TTL which included a rebate. Brand new 0 miles and no real differences other than color options compared to the 2019. I jumped on the deal and couldn’t be happier.
Comment from : Travis Clark

Boaty McBoatface
Thank god I saw this video first. Been planning on buying a $12,000 bike from a dealer, but holy shit the insurance is unbelievable. Liability only; $500 a year. Full coverage; $2,900 a year. By the time the loan is over, I would have almost doubled the cost of the bike. Looks like I'm buying used.....
Comment from : Boaty McBoatface

Phil H
What a dream customer...you didn’t even haggle a single dollar, do you pay full retail for everything? Lol
Comment from : Phil H

Death Troopers
I’m deciding on my next: Kawasaki Ninja 400 or Z400.
Have good credit,down payment and buy insurance. Have your sales inspect the bike and that’s pretty much it.

Comment from : Death Troopers

The insurance company want to see proof you can ride? Isnt that what the license system is for? It baffles me people are allowed to just get on a bike.
Comment from : Twig

Dealership "support" is overrated. They still charge for everything. Get a good price.
Comment from : Audfile

thunder m21
Pre pay maintenance is usually more than double the only good think u already pay it in advance just more than double
Comment from : thunder m21

Dealers in Arizona market bikes on CycleTrader at $2000 less than other dealers in my state. When I tried to get them to commit to their advertised price “out the door” they play games and the price is no better than buying local. They jack up the dealer fees destination fees, and would not honor their “advertised low price.”
Beware of Arizona dealerships bait and switch pricing.

Comment from : M P

How to bend over at a dealership 😂😂😂
Comment from : Camilla

How important is the "local" dealer relationship? How often should we expect to need their support? I'm 2 or 3 hours from the 2 dealers that I'm most likely to buy from due to selection (I like Triumph, wife likes Indian, 1 dealership in the state sells both, and a closer city has separate dealerships for each... I'm assuming here that I can get a better price for bundling 2 bikes from 1 location). It makes me worry about whether it's better to settle for another make if we're going to have a hard time getting help when we need it. Or does it work to rely on slightly closer Harley dealerships for support? I don't know how brand-specific these things get. Total noob, if you hadn't figured that out by now.
Comment from : mrkern81

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