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Tony Kart Racer
If you take a motorcycle safety course..... do you get a reduce payment throughout your whole entire motorcycle riding career? I don't get how it works because if you go through another insurance company and show them that you did take your course, do you continually get discounts over and over even if you are already have years of riding under your belt? If so, taking the course is such a huge benefit, like as you pointed out, the money you saved will already covered the classes.
Comment from : Tony Kart Racer

Very imformative video Go Canada!
Comment from : ERVIN MALLARI

sam pah
Yeah my insurance for my truck alone is already 350/month lol so fuxk it aint even gone bother to get insurance nor license for my bike
Comment from : sam pah

Subbed, that was great video on the insurance jungle we have here in Canada, especially Ontario. Good job Brady.
Comment from : MotoSurge

Good points, doesn't apply to Manitoba, though. Compared $200 deductible for both mandatory and comprehensive with $10M liability: cost of insurance $899; $500 deductible (max value) for mandatory only with no comprehensive and $5M liability: cost of insurance $806. The difference is $93/year. It will take me 60+ years to save for replacement of my 2014 Honda CB500XA :)
Comment from : ywgytube

Russ the Highlander
Biggest insurace saving tip...... move to Scotland. Less cops, some of the best roads in the world and my insurance for two motorcycles (bmw f800st & an Aprilia pegaso) was the equivalent to 435ish Canadian dollars a year full comp. 😁
Comment from : Russ the Highlander

Coming In Clutch
What about a 31yr old male first time rider with no driving record?
Comment from : Coming In Clutch

James Niece
Insurance is the gamble you always want to lose. Pay it and never use is the only way to win big with it, cause they will bend you over if you really use it. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. It makes total sense to have $$$ stashed away in the safe instead of, like you said BB, paying it twice. Everyone has to figure out what works for them, because we are all not in the same situation. If everyone had insurance like they are supposed to, the cost could go down, because the insurance companies wouldn't be paying out and not recovering from idiots that wreck and have no assets to cover the damages. And people paying attention would be GREAT also! Get off the phone while driving people! It's illegal here, but so is "spirited" riding, so I will just leave that one alone haha.
Comment from : James Niece

Ghandi G
My lowest motorcycle insurance quote was 325 a year for only liability. They offered me 250 deductible comprehensive added for an additional 125 and I took it. I pay 40 a month
Comment from : Ghandi G

Joseph Mwawasi
Comment from : Joseph Mwawasi

Alex Simpson
Getting full comprehensive insurance in Australia absolutely kills your wallet if you're under 25... I'm 19 turning 20 this month, and I pay $2500 a year for a 2016 Yamaha MT 07... This is through the Yamaha insurance company too, and it's the cheapest I could get
Comment from : Alex Simpson

Robert R. Woolridge
This is great! Thanks so much for the tips
Comment from : Robert R. Woolridge

Zingy Mantella
In manitoba we have the highest motorcycle insurance rates in the country. A new rider with zero discount 200/ded and comp will run about 2500+/- for the year! Based on 600cc supersport.Thankfully I seen this video prior to insuring my bike which is a CB300F, and ended up costing me about 900$ for the year. All basic coverage and no comp coverage and zero discount.So thanks for the tip brother!
Might I add another way to save...I went to an insurance broker (its all the same here) and checked to see how much it would cost to have it insured under my wife. Clean driving record and full discount, my CB300F with the same coverage I have would now be about 700$ for the year.

Comment from : Zingy Mantella

Golden 47
You got a new sub sir! Awesome video!
Comment from : Golden 47

C Kim
Motorcycle insurance in Arizona is mandatory, regardless of your driving record or age if you ride a sport bike (1000 cc) or Hyper Sport like my Sport/Touring Hayabusa you will pay premium prices.
I'm 63 with a perfect riding and driving record. Owning 3 motorcycles, 2002 FZS 1000, 2010 GSXR 1000 and a 2013 GSX 1300 R cost me over $ 4,000 U S dollars a year! and I put less than 5,000 to 8,000 miles total per year total for 3 motorcycles Mind you I own 4 cars/trucks on a separate policy. Being single I can't drive them all but surely have to over pay for my motorcycles.
Imagine my Corvette cost less insurance than my oldest 1000 cc motorcycle?

Comment from : C Kim

Interesting points.  In Saskatchewan, we have government insurance.  Everybody is required to have the same basic coverage.  After that, you purchase upgrades onto your insurance.

In the case of bikes, next year, you will pay 500 a year on your learners if you do not take a course.  If you take a course (under 500) and dont have any violations while in the graduated license period, they pay you back for it!  Our insurance is wierd here....

Comment from : MarkusReese

Raymond Dowe
One other big one: shop around. When I was getting quoted for my first bike, I got prices from $1350 - $3000. The only thing that changed between these quotes was the company providing them. Spending an hour or two making phone calls could save you $1000 a year or more.
Comment from : Raymond Dowe

Nice job sir.
Comment from : lmdetect

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